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R-Tec Barrier Pants


The R-Tec Barrier 3-Layer Advantage

Thanks for visiting the R-Tec Barrier website!

Worn with, or without the neoprene insert, here is what makes our state-of-the-art neoprene insulated underwear pants the best solution for staying WARM and DRY this cold season.

1. 90% Polyester 10% Lycra Spandex Base Material
- The waistband is specially designed with 1˝ inch height around  the mid-section.
- Flat seaming stitching to reduce chaffing and friction on the skin.
- A silky, next-to-skin layer of 90% polyester, which is the most popular breathable thermal barrier in use today.
- 10% spandex is added to contour to your body while providing comfort.

2. Removable Breathable Perforated Neoprene Insulation Insert
- Your new R-Tec Barrier Thermal Underwear Pant come equipped with a new dual-laminated neoprene insert created for enhanced durability and ease of use.
- The neoprene is 5mm thick perforated to facilitate the wicking of moisture, while providing warmth and comfort.
- The neoprene inserts are designed to fit snugly into the pocket allowing them to mold to the individual wearer's unique physique.
- The new dual-laminated neoprene insert is designed for temperatures averaging plus 20 to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, or when the wearer is more physically active. The insert can be removed for use in warmer conditions, while still being protected by the water-resistant back insert pocket.

Sold separately is the 6mm solid neoprene insert, which is designed for greater warmth in more extreme conditions designed for temperatures 15 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, or if the wearer is less active.

arrowDual-Laminated 5mm Neoprene Insert Buy additional Inserts here.

arrowSolid 6mm Neoprene Insert Get ready for the really cold days!

3. Waterproof Breathable Bonded Polyester Outer Pocket
- Separate high-tech breathable waterproof fabric is stitched onto the pants to create a pocket for the insert.
- The pocket aligns with the back contour of the garment beginning at the waist and extends downward just above the back of the knees as well as forward (dorsal ventral) to the mid-thigh.
-The neoprene inserts are designed to fit snuggly into the pocket allowing it to mold to the individual wearer's unique physique. The pocket also utilizes VELCROŽ and an elastic band to keep the insulating material snug and in place, which prevents shifting when the wearer is physically active.

Using Your New R-Tec Barrier Pant

Getting The Right Size For You

main_head_img Found the PERFECT fit?

Read a few testimonials from satisfied R-TEC Barrier users.

arrowGet your MENS R-Tec's HERE! Do what you do LONGER!

arrowGet your WOMANS R-Tec's HERE! Get ready for the ACTION TO START!

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